The Effects of Russia-Ukraine War on Digital Marketing

The Effects of Russia-Ukraine War on Digital Marketing

Russia Ukraine war started on 24 February 2022, and since then, the war has destroyed thousands of homes. Some got damaged because of the bombings; some had to leave their homes out of fear. Ever since the first world war took place, the whole world has known that war comes with destruction and imbalance. The people can never fathom the loss of human lives and the damage to the economy. While the whole world is condemning the move by Russia, major brands and digital marketing agencies have been poorly struck too. To express their support to Russia, many major brands have stopped their operations in Russia. This ban on sales or operations has caused an enormous problem. Pulling out of influential brands meant shutting down shops and industries operating there. While this affected the workforce leaving the people jobless, the brands have beared a colossal loss to their promotions and other digital marketing campaigns.

Effects on the Digital Marketing Industry

While the war affects the economy of a company badly, it also causes harm to the factors supporting that economy. The brands shutting shops in Russia have caused significant losses to their operations.

The sentimental value of the move is rewarding as some people might prefer investing in the company. The factor of showing empathy towards others makes them feel noticed. However, this also meant a lot of people losing their jobs where they were working. Companies spend millions of dollars every year on the marketing of their products.

Apart from this, there has been massive pressure on all the international brands operating in Russia. The tension exists because people know brands’ influence over people. Many brands have used the war to campaign for their products in other countries.

The digital marketing agencies have taken a new approach with their unique marketing strategies. Brands have carefully wrapped their marketing campaigns around the situation by supporting Ukraine. Amul India is well-known for promoting its products using trending news. The surgical strike of the Indian Army in Uri was beautifully campaigned by Amul in one of their ads.

Similarly, some brands are including the flag of Ukraine in their ads to show support. Some brands donate to offer monetary support, and many film production houses have decided not to premiere their movies in Russia.

On the other hand, Russia has accepted these moves by the brands. They also added that it would help them build their local brands and offer job opportunities to the people living in the country.

War and its aftermath

The digital marketing field is full of creative people, and it works on remarkable ideas. The team you work with must perform well under stress as situations become a massive test for them. They have to develop creative ideas to ensure that they positively prove their point. However, no matter what, war is never the option, and it always has adverse effects on the countries involved. The results are long-term, and they make a country’s economy unstable.

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