Terms & Conditions

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These website terms of service (collectively “terms”) govern your use of this website and include relevant terms (as indicated below). Using this site, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted these terms, and that you agree to follow and be bound by all such terms (as modified from time to time). If you do not agree to any of the terms, please do not use the Digital Marketing Ducks website. Please keep in mind that we have the right to amend these terms at any time and without notice, so you should read them each time you visit the site.


We are not responsible or accountable for any third-party material on the site. Third-party content comprises, for example, comments, blogs, and articles posted by third parties, material, adverts, apps uploaded by third parties, and content accessed through applications.


All trademarks, brands, headlines, and tags on this site are owned by Digital Marketing Ducks or used with permission.

You may not edit this website’s material or publicly execute, assign, or otherwise use it for any business purpose without our express permission.


Digital Marketing Ducks grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to access, use, and display this site and its content.


  • Without our written agreement, the customer should not contact our employees.
  • If you terminate the contract on the same day, the money will be reimbursed (if our personnel have not yet begun work). After some days, you will receive your money back.
  • After one calendar day, no funds will be reimbursed. If you hired us for a short work that can be completed in a few minutes/hours, a refund would not be feasible.


Digital Marketing Ducks are committed to working on all projects while taking Google’s algorithm and updates. Along with numerous Google algorithms and changes, the expert team also pays attention to various search engine terms and conditions. As a consequence, the specialists deliver on their promises to the clients.

Although the organization is focused on its strategy and goals to meet targets on various initiatives, it also recognizes the relevance of search engines. The organization thinks that the search engine gives proven results only to those who correctly follow the terms and conditions and keep the most recent phenomenon.

The firm always employs ‘white hat’ SEO techniques since they produce long-term effects for the client’s website. It is also beneficial for pros to work hard on the same and maintain it safe from the many ups and downs of SEO due to the unexpected introduction of Google algorithms and crawling.


Following the conditions, Digital Marketing Ducks will provide the Client with Google Ads  Account management services.

Digital Marketing Ducks will create a Google Ads account for its clients. The client agrees that Google Ads are distributed according to Google’s terms of Service & Conditions. When 

Google accepts the client’s online advertising account, and it is active. If the client’s account is denied, Digital Marketing Ducks are not accountable.

Digital Marketing Ducks acknowledge that the client controls the Google AdWords account that Digital Marketing Ducks created. The client may regain the account and its entire configuration after the period of this contract.

Digital Marketing Ducks are not responsible for mistakes after the advertising has been delivered. Results are not guaranteed, and Digital Marketing Ducks are not responsible for the performance of advertisements.


Digital Marketing Ducks commits to promoting the client’s company/business through targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

The client agrees to have any photos used in ads supplied to Rankon Technologies. The client must agree that if photographs are not given, additional design fees may be charged. These additional charges will be added to the invoice by Digital Marketing Ducks.

Digital Marketing Ducks will demand the client to store a fresh acceptable copy on the platform if the advertisement is prohibited due to content. Digital Marketing Ducks cannot be held liable for the denial of advertisements by third-party websites.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

• If you decide to cancel our services within five days after purchase, you will receive a full refund.
• If you want to cancel our services after the first five days, you will be charged a sum equal to the number of working hours we will devote to your project. Within 45 days of cancellation, the amount will be credited to the account for which you made payment.
• Any service renewal should only be cancelled ten days before the start of the following paying cycle.
• Cancellation after the start of the billing cycle results in a chargeable amount equal to the working hours invested into the project during that month, which customers are entitled to pay.
• You are still obligated to pay us if you signed up for our services but did not utilize them.
• Within 45 days of cancellation, the refund amount will be refunded to the account from which you made payment.


Digital Marketing Ducks commits to developing written material for inclusion on the client’s website based on the client’s request and the parameters accepted. Digital Marketing Ducks promise to use reasonable care to ensure that all facts and assertions in work are true and that the work does not infringe on any copyright or other third-party right.

Digital Marketing Ducks agree that the client has the right to alter the work within the time frame agreed upon. And that Digital Marketing Ducks will work with the client to modify and review the work before it is published.

The client agrees to be responsible for reviewing the final manuscript for accuracy, including spelling and grammatical mistakes, claims and representations. Digital Marketing Ducks are not responsible for mistakes found after the fact.

Logo and Graphic Design

We make every effort to create unique logos and to share our thoughts. Our logo concepts are developed via research and concept development, and we promise you an alternate logo design if a Trade Mark on the logo is rejected for any reason.

If you have any problems registering your trademark, please contact us, and we will provide you with some more possibilities. However, unlike the trademark register, we do not have access to all existing logos, making it practically hard to be positive that the chosen design is not a loose match of an existing design.

Payment on our Packages

Payment for any packages on our website will be made regularly. The payment will be deducted every month on the same date for the chosen service package (until you request us to discontinue the service in our package). Moreover, you have to inform at least seven days before ending the current payment cycle.